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A Lung Condition

Dear Dr. DiPasquale, Thank you for your knowledge, time and dedication. When my medical doctors gave up on me, your persistence saved me from an untimely death. In retrospect, I can’t believe I had less than six months to live. It was so depressing for me to think I was going to leave my wife and my daughter. It all seems like a bad dream. It’s hard to believe now that I have regained my health, and although I’m not yet 100%, I have 75% of my total lung functions back and possibly through God’s mercy and kindness and your continued health care program, I will move from being disabled to a normal status again. You’re always in my prayers. I pray God gives you a long life and your cause and purpose will begin to help others regain their health as well. Of course, my scope focuses solely on respiratory problems, there must be many other areas of illness you should try to penetrate. Again, thank you and God Bless You!

A Gall Bladder Condition

I began my visits to Dr. DiPasquale in December of 2011, with pain in my upper right quadrant. Every medical doctor I went to told me that it could be my gallbladder that was causing my pain. My liver enzymes were elevated as well as my kidney function. After six months of treatment with Dr. D, I am pain free and my blood work is perfect. The levels for my liver enzymes are not elevated. Dr. D told me that my blood work would come back with better numbers than before and he was absolutely right. Dr. D’s Chiropractic care has improved my health dramatically and I’d recommend him to anybody.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Philip DiPasquale approximately 6 months ago when I called his office for an appointment for a FREE consultation. I was experiencing excruciating pain in both my hands medically determined to be carpal tunnel syndrome. The pain was constant and very debilitating. After a very informative consultation I decided to start my adjustments with Dr. DiPasquale as he seemed to be very serious, knowledgeable, and completely dedicated to his profession. He explained how subluxations and deformities in the spine cause an unhealthy body and bodily pain. With several adjustments and information on a healthy nutritional diet, it has improved my body, my mind, and I feel so much better. I feel great! It takes a long time to cure an unhealthy body, but he also taught me patience and I had faith in him to continue the program. I am now on a maintenance program and have recommended him to my friends and will continue to do so. I truly believe in Dr. Philip DiPasquale and I am very happy that I took his advice. I I know I made the right decision as I no longer have the terrible pain that carpel tunnel syndrome causes.

Leg Pain “Sciatica”

My condition was a pinched sciatic nerve which sent pain down my leg. When I sat down .. it pinched the nerve even more. I was in CONSTANT pain. It didn’t matter whether I was standing, sitting or walking and after 2 weeks of increasing pain I finally decided to see Dr. DiPasquale. I used to see a chiropractor because I had some back problems and I’d gotten relief after only a few visits. Actually, it was my father who introduced me to chiropractic care. He’s had back problems on and off and had been seeing a chiropractor for 15 years. On my first visit, Dr. DiPasquale referred me for x-rays, and to check my range of motion, gave me a full examination. He also showed me a brochure which explained spinal problems and treatments which would be given. I felt some immediate relief after my first visit. For the first month, I had to come in for treatment 3 times a week. After two weeks, I was no longer in pain. I work in sales and I am constantly jumping in and out of my car. When I was hurting, just getting in or out was extremely painful and difficult. I would hardly believe that after only two weeks, I was able to perform this simple maneuver without pain. I am happy that I chose chiropractic care for my condition rather than other methods because my problem was taken care of – not just the symptoms.

Digestive Problem

I am a 23 year old female who has been suffering from stomach problems for about 3 years now. I suffered from severe gas problems, which would start after lunch and go in through the evening, day after day. This would effect my mood throughout the day with work and with my boyfriend. It affected my eating habits to the point I wouldn’t even eat so I wouldn’t feel pain. My friends would invite me out for a drink, and I wouldn’t go because I know that the pain would be twice as bad the next day. I’ve been to two hospitals, three doctors (including a gastroenterologist). I’ve had x-rays, and upper GI series, and a scoping. I was told that what I had was bacterial, and I was placed on antibiotics. They helped “for the first week only”. So, here I was, 23 and hooked on Tagamet, zantac, and Pepcid AC. Finally, I said “I can’t live like this anymore”. Than, I decided to go to Dr. DiPasquale, I’ve never been to a chiropractor before, nor did I think they worked with stomach problems. I thought they just worked with people with chronic back problems. Since I’ve been to Dr. DiPasquale, I haven’t had one stomach problem. I can eat what I want, go out for a drink if I want. I’ve never felt better. The message I want to send out is that Chiropractors don’t just work with neck and back problems. I’m living proof that it can help for stomach problems as well.

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